Friday, June 1, 2012

Pacific Pie Company

There is nothing bad to say about Pacific Pie Company.  You may incorrectly assume it is something like A La Mode Pies or Serious Pie, either related to American Pies or Pizza Pies.  Nope.  Pacific's Pies are of the Australian savory meat pie variety, and they are perfect.  The crust, the innards, there is nothing wrong with them.  And they are reasonably priced.  Their pasties and sausage rolls are good too, but it's hard to want anything but one of their perfect little meat pies.
The pies were so delicious we brought a number of the frozen ones home (and if you follow the directions, low oven heat for a little bit, they come out just as good).  My wife enjoyed the chicken and mushroom pie, and she doesn't like mushrooms.  I don't drink, nor enjoy the taste of beer, but the beef stout pie was delicious.  The classic beef pie, and sunday roast lamb were also memorable.  You cannot go wrong with any of the pies.  
This beet side salad also provided a punch of flavor and was well prepared and seasoned.
And then there were the sweet pies.  No complaints, though I wouldn't go out of my way for them - I would just get them when I was visiting the Pacific Pie Company to pick up a pot pie.
Key Lime Pie
Chocolate Cream Pie
So what's the verdict?  Isn't it obvious...

Pacific Pie Company
1520 SE 7th Ave
Portland OR 97214
5 of 5

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  1. Joe, I don't remember you ever giving a 5. Or if so, it hasn't been for a very, very long time.

    I'm excited to try them sometime. I love that you scope things out for us first.

    Have you ever had Rita's Ice Custard Happiness? Did you like it? What would you rate it?