Friday, July 8, 2011

a la mode pies

pies.  delivery.  YES!
a la mode pies has quickly become a favorite in my house.  my wife is an excellent baker, and her pies are top notch.  every now and again though, it's nice to not have to put forth any effort.  it's even nicer to not have to put forth any effort, and to have it delivered.  welcome, a la mode pies.

the pie above was how it all started.  my friend's girlfriend loves key lime pie, but he was concerned that he neither had the time, nor skill to make a good one.  so, he did some googling and found a la mode pies.  he ordered it to surprise her, and it was "the best key lime pie they ever had."  he decided to surprise her family and bought another one - through happenstance it was delivered to my home, and my wife and i just sat and looked at it.  this guy (below) brought it. turns out, he is chris, or "the pie guy," or in other words - the owner. good for you dude.

fast forward, to a little pie night, and the couple came over and we all split the below cherry pie.  the cherries were tart and the pie was excellent.  the crust is a little doughy and a little crisp, which is just how i like it.  it also looked just like the website advertised - a nice plus if you plan to order one for the office or a party.
i have to admit that i'm not on the organic bandwagon, but chris touts fresh, mostly organic ingredients, hand made pies, etc etc.  they are very good.  and it's local.  and they deliver!  sure, $25 is a little steep, but then again - 1., it's delivered! and 2., you pay $5 for a single slice at a restaurant, so why not $25 for 8 slices worth?  if you're not convinced, here is a link to places that serve the man's pies.  go try a slice.

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  1. You've convinced me. I thought $25 might be a bit steep, but you're right, compared to $5 a slice PLUS a tip and I'd rather eat it at home. I also like your pictures.

  2. thanks. i can't claim to have taken the pictures though, they came from the website. it's true, when you compare it to going out, it's not bad. when you compare it to safeway though, it's on the expensive side. good thing it's way better than safeway pie.

  3. Those look amazing. How do they compare in taste to Ande's pies? That is a standard I can use. Her pies are GREAT. She taught me how to make pies

  4. i think you're trying to get me in trouble. no comment! (try one and see).