Monday, April 9, 2012

Sultanahmet Fish House

Oh Istanbul, city of deliciousness.  Kebabs.  Fresh honey.  Olives.  Fresh fish.  Istanbul Eats.
Who would have suspected that Trip Advisor could be counted on.  Anything touched by Microsoft deserves being scrutinized just a bit more than average (I mean, come on, just clean up your code and build from the ground up).

Imagine my surprise when I showed up at Sultanahmet Fish House in the old city Sultanahmet area of Istanbul, and had some extremely delicious fish for a reasonable price.  In my estimation, this restaurant caters more to expats and visitors than locals.  They proudly display Trip Advisor, and other English language reviews on the walls, and the owner is a comfortable English speaker.  More to the point, they have their own special Sultanahmet Fish House wet naps with a little man, a happy customer, and a steaming fish.  Oh well, delicious is delicious, and although he might cater to vistors with money to spend, he clearly does not water down his traditional Black Sea/Bosphorus foods.
You get complimentary olives, bread, bread garnishes, and if you ask (or are lucky) oil, herb, and garlic "sauce."  Good thing I answered "Yes" when the owner asked "Do you eat Garlic?"  It was a perfect addition to the grilled bonito fish, which did need a little salt.  Most notably, the little shop reminded me of eating along the Baltic Sea, which provided a nice side dish of nostalgia.  
Remember, the answer to "Do you like Garlic?" is "Yes."
A note for navigating the confusing streets of Istanbul, Google Maps is not always the most reliable.  Oddly, I found FourSquare more reliable for finding out of the way restaurants.  Also,  I must admit that I was jealous of the fish "stew" that my neighbors ate... mmm... that's what I'll get next.

Sultanahmet Fish House
Prof. İsmail Gürkan Cad. 16 
Fatih (Istanbul), Turkey
0212 527 4445
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