Wednesday, April 11, 2012

San Fernando Roasted Chicken

One evening rather late (9 pm), my wife and I decided to try San Fernando Roasted Chicken.  As you can see, it's well liked on Yelp, though under-reviewed for Seattle (PS - Not Beacon Hill, Central District).  It's a Peruvian-style pollo a la brasa joint.  Well, sadly, one hour before closing there was no more pollo (a la brasa)!  So, rather than that, I ordered a arroz con pollo and lomo saltado.
The arroz con pollo was good, nice flavors, nice little onion salad (it can't be called a regular salad), slightly dry pollo.  I felt gypped that there were no beans with the rice though.  The lomo was also ok, though a little dry, the fries were thick and delicious (though a little undersalted).  I thought it was good enough to give another shot, my wife declared she had enough and thought they didn't measure up.  We were sad to have missed the roasted chicken, but it is curious that with an hour of service left they had none available.

We might give them a redo, we might not, but since their prices are high for this style of restaurant, we certainly won't be running back.
San Fernando Roasted Chicken
900 Rainier Avenue S.
Seattle, WA 98144
(206) 331-3763
2.5 of 5

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