Friday, April 6, 2012


Recently, I became acquainted with a number of excellent food blogs from far flung locations around the world.  It became clear to me how incredibly important good organization was on the blogs.  The lack of useful, obvious labels makes searching extremely tough when looking for specific things.  In addition, pictures really are worth a thousand words, so you should be seeing alot more of those things on Foodbibber (and more labels will be added on legacy posts).  For your reference, here are a few of the blogs:

A Life Worth Eating - Adam Goldberg in New York City, NY
Devour The World - Jenny from the block (kidding)
Istanbul Eats - Two Dudes in Istanbul
{Insert Food} - A Couple of World Travelers
Fare to Remember - Mostly Recipes

And for a picture, something that I just couldn't bring myself to eat, a Turkish Kumpir (baked potato) with fixings.  This picture belongs to I Eated It and actually features a Kumpir that they got from Mr. Kumpir in Vancouver, British Columbia.  It reflects the classic ones pretty well, which are basically the "corn dogs" of Turkey.  People just love to buy them and walk along the beach, don't ask me why...

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