Thursday, June 30, 2011

pritty boys family pizzeria

alas, this blog also lacks a picture of the actual food.  i'll get accustomed to taking pictures of food sooner rather than later.  let this suffice:

this is an actual picture from pritty boys, just not mine.  but, speaking of deficiencies, you'll find no commentary on soups, appetizers, salads, panini, and pasta.  this is all about the pizza (and service).  having looked in the area for a pizza place on yelp (and seen it a few days before while visiting bistro turkuaz), we decided to give pritty boys a whirl.  we combated the (fairly overwhelming consensus) bad service by calling in our order.  

phone: "ring ring" 
them: "hello"
us: "hello, two large pizzas please"
them: "ok, they'll be ready in about 30 minutes"

us.  30 minutes for two pizzas, for pick up?  wow!  we arrived and asked about our pizzas, and the poor server looked clueless.  two pizzas huh, let me check in the back.  i think i found them. hold on.  oh, -to the other server- your name is on this order, can you ring these people up.  -other server- my name, i don't remember that.  -servers looking confused-.  finally, an intrepid young lad went in the back, another one took our credit card, and 10 minutes later we were out of there with two very large pizzas.  if this experience was indicative of the overall service experience, well, head there ready for a little ???  on the bright side, pritty boys seems ready to combat this with video games for the whole family.

ambiance: the place looked good for family.  a hipster family.  the servers all had plaid shirts on and skinny jeans.  the place was spartan but dig the job.  video games were off to the side, and some flat screens to watch sports.

now for the pizza.  as you can see, it's thin crust new york style.  it seems the ovens don't run quite hot enough to give it a super crisp crust, but it's still good.  they go for the "caramelized" top crust (slightly charred but not offensive).  the cheese is thick and greasy, so if you're a cheese lover you'll particularly like their rendition.  the sauce was tasty, but overpowered by the cheese in my opinion.  the toppings tasted fresh, and they opted for small crisped pepperoni, thin crisped ham, thick dense ground sausage pieces, etc.  $20 for a large is a little steep, but it can easily feed parents and two small kids because the pieces are very generous.  overall, it's a pretty good seattle rendition of new york style pizza.

3.5 of 5
pritty boys family pizzeria
1430 34th ave 
seattle, wa
11-9, 11-10 fri/sat

ps.  i cannot vouch for it, but they have gluten free offerings.


  1. You're right. The cheese did overpower the sauce. I didn't think about that until you said it, but I'll bet that's why I liked it!

  2. jane. thank you. i'm glad that someone can go on record as saying i'm not just making stuff up!