Wednesday, June 29, 2011

bistro turkuaz

seattle's bistro turkuaz has the distinction of being the impetus behind finally starting a food blog.  after quicktipping on yelp, there was just more to say than what could be captured in 140 characters.  yah yah, yelp reviews are always an option too, but... without further adieu:

first, call and make a reservation if you're heading there.  don't repeat our mistake - although we showed up there around 6pm on a saturday night and there were clearly 3 open tables, we waited a full hour for a table.  the bistro is ultra small, so we weren't offended, just a little bothered.

second, if you haven't been to europe, prepare for a true european experience.  although there is some debate about turkey joining the eu, there is no doubt that the servers take their cue from europe.  overattentive, they are not.  they sort of stand around, and float, and occasionally make a face or two at you.  if you want something, you have to flag a server down and ask because they're not going to check in with you.

third, and most importantly, the food.  the food tastes great.  my wife hates eggplant, but loved their baba ganoush.  it was rich and creamy and she said she'd eat it again.  that's big.  their dolmades, served warm, were also fantastic.  granted, i prefer my dolmades with meat (and these were sin flesh), but they didn't suffer from the absence.  the kebab combo, not worth the $25.  flat out, if there are two of you it's better to each get something else and share than the combo.  or, just pick two kebabs you want, buy the dinners for ca $15 each ($30 total) and bring home the extras, because the combo portion is measly.  what does measly mean, it means that rather than a kebab of chicken, and kebab of lamb, hearty kofta and sizable shrimp, it had two pieces of chicken, two pieces of lamb, and two small-medium shrimp with a small kofta.  you leave satisfied, but it's not a great value.  by contrast, my wife's much less expensive chicken kabob had five medallions.  the tabouli was very good.

so overall, bad service, cozy (but difficult to get into) venue, and very tasty food that was average from a quantity-value perspective.  we'll go back, with a reservation, and avoid the combo kebab.

3.5 of 5
bistro turkuaz
1114 34th ave
seattle, wa
closed sundays and mondays, open dinner tues-sat

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