Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thomas Haas

In the Miramar Shopping Plaza in Hong Kong’s Kawloon district, you can find a little sweet shop Thomas Haas.  Their macaroons looked tasty, and with a few Hong Kong Dollars burning a hole in my pocket, I picked up pistachio, licorice and vanilla, and coconut cream and passion fruit ones.

They were good renditions, though the inside was a bit pasty.  The crust was right on the mark, which I understand is the most challenging part of making macaroons.  Overall, if you are in the area and the mood, you won’t be wasting your hard earned money if you throw a few dollars down on some macaroons. 
Thomas Haas
Shop 1001, Miramar Shopping Centre
132 Nathan Road
Tsim ShaTsui, Kowloon 
Tel: (852) 2992 0799
Hong Kong, China
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  1. "in the area and in the mood", Magila you make me laugh. Though I'd be in the mood, I don't see myself in the area soon. How were the licorice? I do love licorice and even love licorice caramel, but I can't imagine it in a macaroon.