Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kebapçi Enver Usta

Thanks to a tip from Istanbul Eats and the Guardian's top ten Kebab Restaurants in Istanbul (actually brought to you by the Istanbul Eats crew), I decided to drop by Kebapçi Enver Usta and give their kebabs a shot.  Why? I know many travelers won't eat where the locals do for fear of getting sick, getting inferior meatstuffs, etc.  Well, if that's you, that's ok, but there is a reason to eat on the local economy.  13 lira!  That's what my meal, to include a bottle of water, cost.  I ordered the Adana Kebab and Ezme Salatasi.  Compare that to the 29 euro bill for breakfast at my hotel and you can see that venturing out is well worth it. 
More importantly, the food was delicious!  What made it delicious?  The fresh bread, spread of condiments, fresh meat grilled to perfection (and this particular variety had a nice mix of spices on the inside of it), and cool basement atmosphere.
And they have variety.  But be warned, the place is not easy to find.  When you get close (off the pub trans in the area and start walking up the faint hill), start asking around (or use FourSquare).
Kebapçi Enver Usta  
Şahkulu Mah. Tramvay Sk. No:5, Tünel 
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  1. Magila I think I could eat there! Would you please compare the price in dollars and cents? Thank you.