Thursday, August 2, 2012

Can Can Pizza (Can't Can't)

A week of journeying through the Baltics later, we came away with one surprising take-away - the Latvian people are not nice.  If you enter their shop, they will glare or sneer at you.  If you do not have correct change, they will not sell you things.  If you visit their tourist destinations, they will try to talk you out of visiting.  And sneer.  And if you show up an hour before a restaurant closes, they will not serve you!

Sorry Latvia, but it's true.

I would love to review Can Can Pizza in Old Town Riga, Latvia, but I cannot.  We showed up at about 10:15 pm.  The hostess looked a little bothered to seat us.  Following being sat, she begrudgingly provided us menus.  When we took a breath to order, she said, "Desserts and Drinks."  We said we wanted a pizza pie, and she said "We are not serving any more pizza.  You can go and come back tomorrow."  We thanked her and promptly left, to never return.

Why seat us?  Why have a sign that says you are open until 11 pm?  Why not tell us before we are sat that the kitchen is closed?  Who knows.  

After we left, we went to TGI Friday's.  We had a bad dry cake brownie sunday, freezer burned oreo madness, but a polite waitstaff. Apparently Americans exported not only "flare" with TGI Friday's, but uncharacteristic pleasantness.  Thanks TGI Friday's, and thanks America!

Please note the judge-y eyed lady, who sells things in Riga, Latvia to tourists 

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