Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Buddha Ruska Thai Cuisine

My wife has very few food cravings.  She craves ice cream.  She craves chocolate.  She craves crappy pizza.  She craves potatoes, sweet corn, and hamburgers.  And she craves Thai.

We decided to give Buddha Ruska in West Seattle a shot one day.  It came pretty highly recommended, and it was not disappointing.  It just wasn't fantastic.  We ordered Chicken Larb, Lemongrass Chicken, Crispy Garlic Chicken, and Pad Thai.  The Larb was good.  The Pad Thai was good.  We still talk about the Crispy Garlic Chicken, it is crave worthy.  The Lemongrass Chicken was only ok.  A quick word on their spice levels, with the Larb you can taste it - but it's mostly just adding extra red pepper (lazy spice).
Pad Thai
Lemongrass Chicken

The Winner - Crispy Garlic Chicken
So what did we think in the end.  If you are in the neighborhood, it's a solid option.  If we do find ourselves again in West Seattle, there's a good chance we'll stop by for some of their Crispy Garlic Chicken.  I am not sure we would go out of our way to Buddha Ruska though, in particular as the service is a bit slow. 

Buddha Ruska 
3520 Southwest Genesee Street  
Seattle, WA 98126
(206) 937-7676

3.5 of 5


  1. You do know your wife! For the life of me I don't know why she and Abe crave cheap pizza. It's probably like cereal, she didn't get it enough as a kid.

    Where is your favorite good pizza place?

  2. I think I might go out of my way for that basil chicken. But I agree with everything else. Maybe you should also start rating individual dishes?

    Also, you forgot french fries and onion rings. I also crave those. But mostly you just nailed it.