Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sushi Maki

There was a day, a not very proud day, when my wife and I decided to spend about $60 and buy a huge plate of party sushi for just the two of us.  We did this at Sushi Maki, in Seattle's Capitol Hill because it has so little space inside. 

We ordered a party platter with a:
-Vegetarian roll
-Salmon Lover roll
-Spicy California roll
-California roll
-Spicy Yellowtail roll
-Salmon roll
-California roll with tobiko
-Shrimp Tempura roll
-Rainbow roll

-Spicy Scallop handroll
-Tuna nigiri
-Salmon nigiri
In the end, my wife commented "everything sort of tasted the same."  She was right.  The Salmon Lover roll was a standout, the Spicy Scallop handroll was surprisingly not too great. Most things were "california-centric" and it did make all the pieces taste the same.  The nigiri was a little awkward, but ok enough.  It also didn't keep well in the fridge (though little sushi does).  With so many choices for sushi in Seattle, average probably isn't good enough.  It could have easily been 2.5, but the price was not bad...

Sushi Maki
1633 Bellevue Avenue  
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 264-0725
3 of 5 

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