Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hatam - DBX

If you are starving at Dubai International Airport in Terminal 2, avoid Hatam.  It's pretty horrendous - even for airport food.
I got a mix grill because I was in a kebab mood.  You can see the scanty offering, and like most things in Dubai, you pay way too much money for it.  I wanted rice, but they wanted 10 extra AED to sub it.  Too bad I didn't (you caught the 10 fries I got)!  This, by far, was the biggest disappointment in Dubai.  The salad was an absolute joke (see below).  The four meats - lamb, chicken, lamb and chicken koftas - looked good enough, but were so dry they were almost not edible.
Should have went to McDonald's.

Dubai International Airport (DBX)
Terminal 2
1 of 5 (on the back of not giving me food poisoning)

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  1. Oh man. This reminds me of a school lunch gone bad. The pictures say it all. (I thought your rating simply because you didn't get food poisoning was funny.)

    I agree, McDonald's would have been more appetizing.