Sunday, June 17, 2012

BaFang YunJi (Dumplings)

Located near Causeway Bay Metro in Hong Kong, on Hong Kong Island (and elsewhere around) is the dumpling chain restaurant BaFang YunJi.  I ate at one between Perceval and Patterson Streets on an unnamed road also near Jaffe Rd.  My pot stickers were devoured too quickly to get a picture, but luckily I snapped one of the place.  Here is another review and a few good pictures.
Apparently this is a Taiwan-based chain which loosely translates to "Everywhere Gather Here."  I gathered, and got some super delicious street food.  They had a perfectly crisped skin, porky-vegetable flavor, and just the right amount of oil. Unfortunately, the guy charged me a bit more than he should have (pictured below).  He must have added a "tip" for himself, though even after that they were dirt cheap and some of the best pot stickers I have ever eaten (Taiwanese McDonalds or not).

BaFang YunJi (Dumplings)
Causeway Bay
Near Perceval and Patterson (though locations vary)
Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
4 of 5

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