Sunday, May 20, 2012

Taqueria San Bruno

Well, if I began this post by saying something catchy like "who would have suspected you could get some of the best Mexican food around at a little hole in the wall place in San Bruno, California" I think most people would think "well, me."  Why?  It's a little enclave for Hispanic folks just outside the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) area.  As you may have guessed, you can find some of the best Mexican food you may very well ever eat in San Bruno at Taqueria San Bruno.
It was so delicious that my wife insisted we make the detour not just after picking up a rental car in San Fran upon arrival, but when we were racing for a flight going home.  The outcome: if we weren't flying United - and the flight were not late - we would have been in a tad bit of trouble.  But, all was not lost because the food was utterly delicious and we boarded with everyone else!

So, feast your eyes upon:
Probably home made (although not in the restaurant) chips and fresh salsa.
and more salsa...
and more salsa...
and more salsa.
Carne asada that came out looking just like the picture on the wall.  Delicious (but needing just a tad bit more salt).
BBQ Pork Taco and Chicken Taco (you want the BBQ pork)

Close-up BBQ Pork
Close-up Chicken

A monster "super" burrito with carnitas. Look compared to the chip.

We went back and got the pork quesadilla and a chorizo burrito with chorizo and jalapeno  (not pictured).  This food was so delicious that my wife still talks about it, months later.  Wife "Remember that Mexican place in San Fran."  Me "Yes, still do. (it's only been 10 days since the last time you asked)"  

The chicken was good, but it's not what you want.  Not really.  The carnitas actually have some sort of crunchy, pork rind (skin) mixed in that are explosions of flavor and welcome texture.  The BBQ Pork and regular Pork have so much flavor.  The carne asada was delicious (but did need a little salt).  We also had some Horchata and their Pineapple drink.  Those also were utterly delicious (although be warned early in the morning the ice in the bin has not had time to melt and it is STRONG).  

While the food was not perfect, it was close to it.  The folks that run the joint are utterly hospitable and kind, and food comes up fast.  For all these reasons, it is on my top 3 Mexican places world-wide.  I doubt there will be a time that we travel through SFO and have more than 2 hours that my wife will not insist on taking a cab over to Taqueria San Bruno.  Remember that Mexican place in San Fran...

Taqueria San Bruno
1045 San Mateo Ave
San Bruno, CA 94066
(650) 873-1752
4.5 of 5

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