Thursday, November 17, 2011

rip - hajime!

No Hajime!

It's gone.  I went traipsing through Kuala Lumpur, venturing off the main road into a little community where Hajime use to be located, only to find a boarded up single-family home, former restaurant, for rent.

Sad day.  Hajime had some of the best sushi I'd ever eaten.  The chef served me sea urchin, which I hated for years, and it was so fresh that I loved it.  Hajime's sea urchin, and X's sea urchin in Kirkland convinced me that I really enjoy it if it's fresh.  I maintain, however, that most uni is not fresh when served in the US and tastes like a mix of sand, feet, and goo.

RIP Hajime.

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  1. Oh bummers. I hate to see the death of a good business. Maybe they relocated?