Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Bests

Well Brenda, you'll be happy with a few things.  First, the inclusion of capitalization.  It's not something that I "want" to do, but it's something that my phone does automatically.  For consistency, I've chosen to adopt the practice (although there is just one more dated review you'll see sin capitals).

Second, and more importantly, I've been planning a series on The Bests in Seattle.  Now, you can purchase a copy of Seattle Met or something of its ilk to provide you a list also.  I may even include a comment or two about the Seattle Met yearly Bests.  However, my Bests will, of necessity, be derived from my taste and experiences.  I had planned to do "The Best Hamburger in Seattle" and pit Zippy's against Red Mill.  Dick's doesn't measure up and, in my opinion, doesn't even deserve to be considered for the crown of "Best."  (If there are any other recommendations, please let me know.)  But, for you, dear reader, I will start with "The Best Dim Sum in Seattle."

So here's to the Best of the Best...
(amazing, right?)

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