Monday, July 18, 2011

taverna - best restaurant in tricities?

well, so far i have to say that taverna from tagaris winery served the best food that i have eaten in the tricities, those being kennewick, richland, and pasco, washington.
best is, of course, subjective. this is best period thus far. nicest, tastiest meal.  i might argue, if you get me on a good day, that a taco joint in pasco is also the best. that would be the best for the money. $1 a taco, you can't beat that. especially when they're amazing.  but...

tagaris winery's unassuming little grotto called taverna is the best food going in richland.  it's not cheap, but it's also not terribly expensive (especially when considering counterparts in seattle). lunches range from $10-15, dinner from $15-30. the ingredients are fresh and the menu is seasonal. that, clever flavor combinations, along with reasonable prices, is why this is the best restaurant in the area.

the fare is mediterranean. flatbread pizzas, calzones, fresh pastas, meats and seafood. i can personally vouch for the patatas bravas app, roasted chicken calzone, lamb burger, and fresh pappardelle with basil and roasted chicken.  (i cannot provide any commentary on their wines.) the cheese plate, unfortunately, was a bit of a letdown. it was the one low light of the meal.  not because it was bad, but because it was average, and not worth the $14. service was what you'd expect for a very good restaurant - attentive but not invasive. (one ding on the waiter though, he came to the table before he knew the specials for the day. don't do that again buddy.)

maybe the tides will change, but as for now, go here on a special occasion and sit on the patio while the weather is agreeable to see if it's the best meal you have had in the tricities.

4.5 of 5
844 tulip lane
richland, wa

(it's in the back, down the road that foreboding has a sign that reads "dead end")


  1. Hmmmm. I didn't even know there was a restaurant there. Some day let's go.

    If I'm ever a waitress, I'm going to remember this: "attentive but not invasive". That is good advice for waitresses, mothers-in-law, what have you's.

  2. I'm going to tell Ray about this. Anytime he has a work dinner over there, the others usually chose Anthonys. Ray is SICK of Anthonys. This would be a good option