Tuesday, July 12, 2011

my wife's recent obsession - molly moon's ice cream sandwich

this pretty much sums it up.  my wife is obsessed with molly moon's ice cream sandwiches.  the other day she surprised me, by picking me up and driving me to get them (for her).  very kind of her.  she's been talking about them for weeks.  weeks.

they have what appear to be homemade chewy cookies on the outside, both sweet and salty, with their homemade vanilla bean ice cream.  the cost is steep, at about $4 a piece, but they are very good.

the great thing about molly moon's is that they're not afraid of strong flavors in ice cream.  sour.  sweet.  salty.  savory.  always good.

(disclaimer: not my pictures.)


  1. Do they have one flavor or do you choose your cookie/ice cream?

    I'm thinking we should come visit.

  2. Still excited to go here with you two. We found a great crepe place we want to take you to as well